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3 June 2014

South Africa is the anomaly to the world’s economic hubs. Gauteng, the centre of the economy is far away from it’s busy ocean ports, posing a massive logistical undertaking, which the country’s various fleet operators have taken on with zeal.

The primary sectors of mining, manufacturing and financial services are concentrated in this inland province. This, combined with the fact that the economy is highly dependent on exports, has heavily impacted on the way in which the transport network has developed. The road, rail and air networks tend to spoke outwards from Gauteng, (with Johannesburg at the centre) towards the coastal ports. This is unlike any other country in the world.

As a result, the transport industry has become the backbone to the South African economy, benefiting businesses, providing jobs and contributing significantly towards the economy’s overall GDP.
In the African context, South Africa, presently, has the lion’s share of Africa’s transport infrastructure, which reflects it’s economic dominance on the continent. Representing only 5% of Africa’s population and constituting 3,6% of its land mass, it enjoys 32% of Africa’s railway route, 61% of the continent’s rail tonnage, 15% of sub-Saharan roads, and 82% of sub-Saharan motorways, making it the perfect staging country for investment into the rest of Africa and allowing exisiting fleet companies to spread their wings.

Fleet telematics, the support that keeps you moving

Utilising Cartrack’s bespoke Fleet Management Solutions, thousands of fleet operators have cut costs, increased productivity and helped not only sustain, but grow their businesses and South Africa’s GDP. Fleet efficiency is paramount, not only to your business, but for the day to day lives of all South Africans, whether transporting massive hauls of coal, to keeping our lights on, or delivering pizza to make sure a family doesn’t go hungry. Each journey adds to a healthier, financially stronger and prosperous South Africa.

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